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  3. Thursday, 09 October 2014
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Hi i developed a portion of this website: with Forms2Content.

When viewing the portion of the site under menu: Kortingen > voor feesten,
all is displayed ok in Firefox and in IE on a windows based desktop computer (did not test on a laptop).
However when I look at this same portion of the website on an Android based smartphone or tablet,
the thumbs nor the larger images are displayed.

In that portion of the site, only 1 image is displayed properly.
The only difference I think I see is that the image being displayed properly is a (.jpg)
Whereas I think the other images are (.png)

I am using :
- F2C 6 pro
- Joomla 3.3.6
- Android 4.3 an Android 4.4.2

Ideas anyone?

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Hi Patrick...

I realize I was probably tired.......
The isseu was due to incorrect paths to the image file source.
The absolute path of the website development workstation (WAMP)\ Xxxxxxx \,...... imagefile.png
was retained. and that did not match up with the path after uploading the website to the hostinting provider.

Generated a new article by using F2C when on the server of the hosting provider. Now it works fine
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This doesn't have anything to do with Form2Content (directly) as it's a html/css issue.F2C is just used to generate your article html.
There seems nothing 'wrong' with the generated html of your article ... as is proven by it working in many other browsers.

<div class="art-article"><img src="/images/stories/com_form2content/p3/f21/thumbs/poster_salsa_on_ocho.jpg" alt="16-10-2014 - Testfeest met mail" title="16-10-2014 - Testfeest met mail Testten van faaeeest oploadebn " class="feesten_intro_image">
<h1>16-10-2014 - Testfeest met mail</h1>
<h5>Testten van faaeeest oploadebn</h5>
<div class="labels_kortingen_feesten algemene_labels">Datum:</div>
16-10-2014 <br>
<div class="labels_kortingen_feesten algemene_labels">Aanvang:</div>
22:00 <br>
<div class="labels_kortingen_feesten algemene_labels">Afloop:</div>
06:00 <br>
<div class="labels_kortingen_feesten algemene_labels">Entree:</div>
10 <br><hr>
<div class="labels_kortingen_feesten actie_label">Actie / korting:</div>
<div class="actie_omschrijving">10%</div>

The only thing I can think of is that you create an absolute URL instead of a relative one. Maybe that will solve your android issues. To do this just add the base url in your F2C template before the current image url template parameter.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Although I faced the same displayed problem with my laptop but could not be understand that how can I solve the problem. Then I decided to contact laptop repairservice center . Need suggestion.
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