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  3. Saturday, 21 July 2018
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Form2Content PRO v 2.6.31 on Joomla v 3.8.10 Stable on a CentOs v 7.x VPS running PHP 7.0.30

The site uses Form2Content to allow registered users to enter the biography of a person, including dates and names and photos.
I need the TITLE of the article saved to be the combined {FNAME} {LNAME} that were entered in the form.
I have reviewed the documentation of the Metadata plugin that has me create title_contenttype_4.tpl

The file title_contenttype_4.tpl has this in it:
{$FNAME}{if $MNAME} {$MNAME}{/if} {$LNAME}

I have hidden the TITLE field from the front-end entry form display, and have used the value "default value" for the TITLE default. What I get is an article titled "default value". ARG !

PLEASE tell me EXACTLY what code to use in the title_contenttype_4.tpl to make the system use the two fields {FNAME} {LNAME} as the title of the article ?

From the manual I am unable to determine the proper syntax in this file, and the proper system settings required make this plugin work to create a proper TITLE. I need to understand how to set the content type parameters, the display template and the form template to accomplish this seemingly simple outcome.

I have been trial and erroring this for hours now.
Please help ?
Thank you !

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Hi Kent,

I did some quick tests with your set-up, but here it works.
Can you send me credentials for your site, so I can see it myself?
You can send the info to julien at opensourcedesign dot nl

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Hi Kent,

Thanks for the credentials. I took a look at your site and have seen the problem: You are using the wrong plug-in.

We have two metadata plug-ins:

  1. Form2Content Metadata Generator: This is the one you need. This plug-in can alter fields like the title based on a template file. (I have installed it for you on the site)
  2. System - Form2Content Metadata Injector: This plug-in injects meta into your html content, this plug-in does not alter fields.

I hope this resolves your issue.

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Thanks so much for figuring this out.
I have entered a new biography (test) and it does appear that the First (if exist Middle) and Last names are now being concatenated to form the Title.
This is precisely the result that I hoped for.

I wonder if you might accept my offer to provide some edits to the documentation regarding this functionality, including the If statement usage and clarifying the appropriate plugin.

Thanks again !
Kent Morrison
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Hi Kent,

Good to hear that it works :-)

When you have some ideas about the documentation, feel free to send them to us.
We are always happy to hear some end-user experience :-)

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