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Looks like a really well organized component that uses templates (THE most important feature for what I want to do) and I am really excited to give this a try. What I would like to do is to use Form2Content to have some fields in the content be p...
Hello, please help me to understand if is my bad or it is a bug. On my site I have 80 ACL groups and 200 users assigned to 1 or 2 of this ACL. All the post is public so all can view the article, but only the ACL proprietary can edit or post in his ...
Migration 2.59 to 3.6 doesnt work with the migration tool. I have tried now many times. At hte end of the day I used another vData, that did the job. Everything is where it is supposed to be and the tables should be conform 3.6. Hi there Patrick...
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