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  1. Mel
  2. F2C Pre-installation questions
  3. Sunday, 23 April 2017
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Before trying your software I have some questions. I am making an events calendar website and a user submits a form describing the event including the location and date.

1/ In the event/article view, as well as showing the Google map in the body of the article, I would also like the title of the article to include the location. Can the location of the event be automatically added to the title when the form is submitted?

2/ Using your date picker field, can the start and end date of the event be shown with the number of days of the event? (Example: 20 May 2017 to 30 May 2017 - 10days)

3/ Can I make the event article automatically become unpublished when the event start date is reached?

4/ Do you have or do you know of an access restriction plugin that will not let a user contact another user unless they have submitted at least one event?

Thanks for your help
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Hi Mel,

Thank you for your interest. I will try and answer your questions.
1) Yes, in combination with one of our plugins you can "template" teh article title. So like "event name- location" build from two fields.
2) No, not out of the box. But you can probably (say this cause I'm not a programmer) add php/JS and calculate it yourself and than add it in the template as a variable. We use the Smarty template engine.
3) If you use the Joomla unpublish field for this and re-name it "Event start date" in the form than yes.
4) No, this would have to be a custom plugin and users would have to be logged in.

I believe Form2Content is great for creating (complex) Joomla articles. When it comes to calendars and specific functions around display, duration etc. it's not what F2C was originally build for so there will be some limitations.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Thank you very much for the information, it's plenty to think about.
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