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  1. geri1104
  2. F2C Search settings
  3. Friday, 07 April 2017
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i have two separate fields:

In the search dropdownlist i want to have displayed bth fields.
--choose name --
firstname lastname
firstname lastname

How can i achieve that?
Maybe with database lookup?
If yes: what is the correct query?

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It's not possible to have text fields as dropdown search in F2C Search (as described in the F2C Search documentation). What you are describing is not a search with multiple results since most name combinations will be unique. It's more like a dropdown of all availble articles (persons).... not what search is build for.

BUT: I guess you could create a DB lookup and create a dropdown of the names. BUT these will be shown in the article so you would first have to save the article and than select the just created article (i.e. itself) from that dropdown and save again.... i.e. choosing your own article (name) in the article..... not very handy. Only than can you create a dropdown displaying all names.

It is possible to add an OPEN TEXT (string) search to F2C Search module. You can link that to the two fields (firstname/lastname) and get results accordingly.

Maybe the last option works for you?

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Hi thanx for the quick reply.

yes - the open text search does work.
i need the same logic but i do need the names in a dropdownlist instead of an input field...
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