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  1. Steve
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  3. Saturday, 01 August 2015
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We use AcyMailing and insert the articles through their tag system. Since F2C cannot use the "intro image" or "full article image" we are using the F2C SEF plugin to add the "itemid" to the link.

We have added the SEF article link on the image in our F2C intro template.

AcyMailing has a plugin to allow the firing of content plugins in the newsletter but when we click on the image in the newsletter we are taken to a 404 as it has added "administrator" into the URL that is on the image:

Before turning on the ACY plugin the URL had {plgContentF2cSef} naturally.

We use F2C for all our articles and need to have the image as an active link in the newsletters.

Could we do a check in the plugin to see if "administrator" is in the URL and just remove it?

Your thoughts here would be appreciated.

Form2Content Pro version 6.4.0
Joomla! 3.3.6
AcyMailing Enterprise: 4.9.4
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Hi Steve,

The plug-in was designed for rendering articles for display in the front-end.
I think you are using the AcyMailing from the back-end which is causing this behaviour?

In the plug-in we are translating the url by using the default Joomla SEF mechanism. On line #38 you'll see this code:

$buffer = str_replace($matches[0][$i], JRoute::_(ContentHelperRoute::getArticleRoute($slug, $catslug)), $buffer);

I think, because of running in the back-end, that you can modify the return value of JRoute::_(ContentHelperRoute::getArticleRoute($slug, $catslug) and remove the administrator part from it.

And as Patrick says: please make sure to use the new version of the plug-in (the system plug-in version). This file is called

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Hi Steve,

Think there are two things.
1) Please use the SEF SYSTEM PLUGIN, this will be active everywhere, not just in the Joomla article content. This way wherever the article intro is shown the links will work.

2) It seems that the plugin isn't ready for back-end use as it adds the admin path.... at the same time this might also be behavior we do expect. I will need to ask Julien what his advice is.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Thank you for the reply Patrick, I will wait to hear further.

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Hi Guys

I am still having trouble with this.

I tried this solution:

$buffer = str_replace($matches[0][$i], JRoute::_(ContentHelperRoute::getArticleRoute($slug, $catslug)), $buffer);

$remove = "/administrator";

if (strpos($buffer, $remove) === 0) {
$buffer = substr($buffer, strlen($remove));
but it did not make a difference.

The image I have in the intro still has administrator in the link.

The original link used was <a href="{$JOOMLA_ARTICLE_LINK}" class="img_link"> I then have used
<a href="{$JOOMLA_ARTICLE_LINK_SEF}" class="img_link">

The title also links but does not have the same trouble it does not add the "administrator/" into the link? it is the same as the first image link of <a href="{$JOOMLA_ARTICLE_LINK}" class="link_heading">

Could you explain what I am doing wrong or exactly how I can overcome this

thank you
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Hi Steve,

Hmmm hard to tell where this goes wrong, because the problem could reside in various places.
Can you send me an Akeeba back-up of your site including instructions on how to reproduce this issue.

I'll see if I can find where the problem occurs.

You can send the back-up to julien at opensourcedesign dot nl

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