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  2. F2C Search filtered article lists
  3. Thursday, 30 November 2017
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Hello, i want to buy form2content search, but i don't know if it fits my purpose

I am building a new site using f2content, I want to keep all the pages I had in the older site, and I want the user to be able to search for them using the search bar (the same one that the user uses in order to search for an article in the new site) .
All these old pages are stored in a db table, displaying them is not a problem, but I need to make them searchable via the deafult search bar.


if the I search for "Snow" in my new site what I want to obtain is:

a list of the articles in the new site linked with the word "Snow" and after them, a list of article in the old site linked with the word "Snow".

in brief what I want is : displaying results from the new and from the old site both in the same search.
Is it possible to use form2content search in order to do this? Would I have to modify it heavly?
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Hi Moreno,

Good to ask first :)

The answer is NO... F2C Search is linked to ONE content type.

BUT there might be a solution.

If you create a Form2Content content type with an editor field you could import all existing articles into it (via DB script). You can than add the new fields to the samen content type and use those to create the new article layout.
In your F2C template you add the logic that you either show the html field if filled out (ie the old article) OR the new layout consisting of the fields you added.

I hope you get my drift. The result is that old and new content are in 1 content type.

Next in F2C search you can specify that the FREE TEXT search should look in the title field and maybe the html field and any other text field you like.

Hope this helps. Getting the articles into the DB might be tricky and require a bit of custom scripting from Julien our programmer.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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WOW first of all thank you for the fast reply,

Your way is a very good one but i have a fear:
the amount old articles I have to import is huge (I think not under 15k )
adding them in the same db table of the new article will slow it too much I think.
I wanted to keep 2 separated table for the new and old articles in order to prevent the search of the new article to be slow. What do you think?
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Mmmhhh, that is a lot of articles and I can think of some performance issues also.

I think it's important to know a bit more about search specifics. Are you only considering keyword search? In which case it might be worth looking at Joomla Smart search.
Remember, F2C generates normal Joomla articles so will work with smart search.
Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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thank you for the tips, I think I will try this way :)
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