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  1. Oliver Glot
  2. F2C article templating
  3. Wednesday, 20 December 2017
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I tried to update my intro_template (main_template is the same) with a "style" row in backend:

<style> .view-article .readmore {ldelim}display: none;{rdelim} </style>

but it is always replaced by

.view-article .readmore {ldelim}display: none;{rdelim}

when I save the template.

Anybody knowing this problem?

Joomla 3.8.3
Form2Content Pro version 6.15.0

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Hi Oliver,

I don't know about this problem.Very strange?

You can also upload the templates through FTP, to make sure that they are not changed. I know this is not an explanation for this behaviour, but it might help you getting along....

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Hi Julien,
thank you for the hint!
It is an easy workaround I can use!

best regards
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