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  1. Ian Shere
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  3. Friday, 06 July 2018
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I have 2 sites with thousands of articles between them. I moved them from their development server to their permanent home. Unfortunately, either the system or me (by coding it wrong) used absolute URLs for images and now, of course, they've all disappeared.

In the past, I just did a refresh on the articles and it changed the URLs. Now it is not, and we have 1000s of broken articles.
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OK - after doing more digging I found something very odd. The non-refresh seems related to the fact that some articles are using a template called ncp_intro_template_whats on.tpl and other reference ncp_intro_template_Whats on.tpl. In theory these are one and the same as the site should be ignoring case. Also, the latter file doesn't exist and trying to upload one called that fails as the system sees it as a duplicate. Which is to be expected.

But it's like F2C is actually recognizing case and failing to load the (non-existent) template. If I go in and manually edit each article and set the former template all is well. I don't see how this is possible, but I'm not liking manually editing 1000s of articles with wrong templates.

Anyone that is clued up with SQL queries want to write me a query to change this!! Pretty please!
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Hi Ian,

Thank you for the details. I will have to ask Julien to look into this.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Update on this. So I managed to write an SQL query to change the template name to the lowercase version (I know just enough SQL stuff to destabilize world peace!!), then did a refresh again. This, as expected, updated the articles so all the images appeared and correct formatting was applied.

Something else that's happening that seemingly shouldn't. If I edit a template in the backend, after saving the edits, it produces a new file. It doesn't like the space I have in the name. So:

ncp_intro_template_whats on.tpl



Now this may be what you expect, but it surprised me. I'm used to seeing the space, in path names, replaced by the %20, but I also, regularly, name files with a space in them in Windows. Maybe this is just normal behavior and I don't know it! :p
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Hello Ian,

Good that you found a solution for the refresh problem.
It is not F2C that sees the different in casing, but it's probably the Linux server your site is running on.
On Linux Hello.php and hello.php are indeed two different files!

The reason that the filename gets changed is because F2C uses a Joomla function that makes filenames Joomls safe. It's that function that removes the space.

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Thanks for the explanations Julien. Yes, Linux's naming convention was one piece of trivia I did know, but rarely have to use. I didn't tie Linux on my server and the file name together.

I did NOT know (and had never been awake enough to observe elsewhere) that Joomla dropped spaces in filenames.

Like I said, I have just enough coding knowledge to destabilize world peace!
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