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  1. artur
  2. Licensing & downloads
  3. Monday, 01 June 2015
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Ok, so i have this:
Joomla 3.4
F2C Pro 6.7
F2C Search 6.4

I know that Search need F2c Pro 6.8, and im tryng to use the interger search on this, and probaly wont work.

But my subscription fade away far ago, in a lost account, and i create a new one for the F2c Search, to see this..

There is anything that i can do?
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Hi Artur,

Like you say you need the latest version to have the latest features and also to remain compatible with new Joomla features and updates.
If you send your username and full name to me at support at opensourcedesign dot nl I can check the status of your F2C Pro subscription.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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