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  1. maz
  2. F2C submission form templating
  3. Wednesday, 01 July 2020
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A couple of questons please. I am testing Form2Content light before purchase. I have installed it. I have added a link for a user to add a page.
I want to create multiple instances of the form so that users can add an article to different categories which are totally independent of each other. I do NOT want users to go to the form and 'choose a category'. This should be set for each specific category by the Article Manager link! (Standard joomla 'add article link' already does this). This way I can create multiuple links relevant to each category.

1. I created a demo link to Article manager. In the options i select Content Type Blog Articles (as per your demo)
When the form opens in the front end, why does it list ALL the joomla categories?? There is a Category selection in the form and shows ALL the joomla catgories. This is wrong. I need the user ONLY to add an article to THIS Blog category - why should he be able to scroll through all the categories of the site. (If I allow users to add an article via Joomla's standard add article link, I can restrict this to a single category.)
Is this different in the pro version?

2. A logged in user should ONLY be able to see/add/edit his own OWN articles. Why does the form link list ALL the articles in the Bolg Category?? even by other authors? In the Joomla permissions there is no permission to 'view own' articles.
Is this any different in the Pro Version?

3. Image upload? which folder do the images upload to? I need to be able to set this in the Form2Content admin.
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Hi Maz,

I hope I can answer you questions:

1) you will need to make a form per category
2) NOT wrong, just Free version. F2C Pro gives you control over which fields you want to see, you can also set a default category per form and hide the field
3) As with question 2, this can be set in Pro
4) F2C Creates a folder structure either within images/stories (traditional Joomla) or you can specify the root folder.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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