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  1. David Davis
  2. F2C Pre-installation questions
  3. Friday, 07 October 2016
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I purchased the pro version in January but my project was delayed big time. As I begin to get started again I have several pre-sale questions please:

1. The 12 month package, does that include everything? pro,search, and extensions?

2. My articles will be submitted by registered users on the front end and they will all have the same format. one pic, plus text with possible video url linkage. Easy enough. I was going to create a category for every US city because each city will have a sponsor (using a module called flipwall) on the right side of the article and each city's sponsor will show up on every article from that city (category).

with the search feature, I realize that I possibly do not need to create 10,000 plus categories (pain in the neck) because I can simply use a field for state and city and the search feature will be able to help readers find articles by any of the field types: city, state, topic, age group, etc. this is AWESOME.


The 3rd party plugin (advance module plugin) will allow me to assign a module by content type only? would I still need to create a category for every city to show a plug-in (flip wall) that has unique and different sponsors only for that city? or using each city entered as a "field type" is it possible to assign a separate sponsor using filed type instead of content type?

Please offer some thoughts on how to best set up and what are my choices?

I want to purchase the package if it includes pro, search, etc.

all articles from every city will have same exact format with thumbnail and intro text and then resize with full article after clicked on. and most importantly, I need the ability to show a unique sponsor on each city that is from that city.

am I better off using a spreadsheet to create 10,000 plus cities?

flipwall has a category filter already if I did have to set up that many categories.

I know this is many questins, but I can't quite figure out best approach. would like to purchase next week and begin project. many thanks!!!!!

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Hi Patrick,

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to respond in such detail. As a decent joomla user but not a programmer it can be difficult to wrap your mind around the best approach for an idea.

To employ the desired features, I believe that you have sent me in the right direction using each city as a category in joomla. this will allow me to use the sponsorship extension.

Perhaps I can use states as categories and cities as sub categories.

You have answered my questions multiple times with speed and patience.

Thank You very much! I have a feeling that you have acquired a long term subscriber.


David Davis
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Hi David,

Thank you for your interest in Form2Content. I'll try answer all your questions.

1) F2C Package. All subscriptions are listed here. The package includes all 3 extensions.

2) I think your answer to the cities problem lies in the Joomla architecture. Modules work with item id's or categories (generally) and 3rd party extensions work with articles.

F2C generates Joomla articles so that other extensions can work with it i.e. are compatible.

If you where to use F2C text field for city name you would than need to get a module to show based on the VALUE of that field, not the field type as you describe. This is not very stable since your users can misspell.

The best option for 3rd party compatibility is cities as Joomla categories. I believe there are extensions that can generate this quickly based on csv or other data. This is also the best option for URL routing... root/city/article

The other option is adding a cities data table and using our F2C Database lookup field to select the city for an article. The issue here is that you than need to use other "logic" to display modules based on teh article value for the F2C city field.... will require custom coding. ALso your URL will be root/article

So, my advice, stick to the code, ie Joomla structure and select option 1.

Hope this helps,

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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