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  1. Sebastian Fischbach
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  3. Tuesday, 30 July 2019
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Hello guys,

I'm trying to make use of the custom date interval field. Thanks for the provided PHP example! However, with my limited knowledge of PHP, I'm unable to adapt it to my needs.

What I want: to make users choose between different ages of documents. I need a selection of:

  • a week (seven days backwards from the then current date)
  • a month
  • a year
  • two years
  • five years
  • doesn't matter (any date between now and the beginning of time, 1980 or a similar year would be sufficient ;) )

What I've tried:

$currentDate = date('Y-m-d');

$intervalDates = [
$currentDate.'|'.date('Y-m-d', time()-604800) => "a week",
$currentDate.'|'.date('Y-m-d', time()-2678400‬) => "a month",
$currentDate.'|'.date('Y-m-d', time()-31536000) => "a year",
$currentDate.'|'.date('Y-m-d', time()-63072000‬) => "two years",
$currentDate.'|'.date('Y-m-d', time()-157680000) => "five years",

I know it's probably not elegant, but also it's not working. :p
Do you have any suggestions to improve my beginners code?

Best regards,
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Hi Sebastian,

Here's a small example of a few options that you want:

$tomorrow = new JDate('now +1 day');
$weekAgo = new JDate('now -1 week');
$yearAgo = new JDate('now -1 year');
$twoYearsAgo = new JDate('now -2 year');

$intervalDates[$weekAgo->format('Y-m-d').'|'.$tomorrow->format('Y-m-d')] = '1 week ago';
$intervalDates[$yearAgo->format('Y-m-d').'|'.$tomorrow->format('Y-m-d')] = '1 year ago';
$intervalDates[$twoYearsAgo->format('Y-m-d').'|'.$tomorrow->format('Y-m-d')] = '2 years ago';

For the "doesn't matter" option, I wouldn't create a specific dropdown list entry, but create an empty option.
That way no filter gets applied to the articles.

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Thank you very much Julien, it works as expected and looks much nicer than my "five years in seconds" calculation. :D I didn't know that Joomla offers help with regards to date formatting and calculation (in case somebody else didn't know:

Best regards,
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