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  1. Steve
  2. F2C Front-end / menu settings
  3. Friday, 20 October 2017
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When creating a front-end article editing layout I have notice that the ordering column is not there in the new layout (it is there in the classic layout). It is great that the drag and drop is now available but it is very confusing for the user as they have no way of seeing the results after dragging and dropping.

Scenario - the blog layout for rendering the articles is set to order asc, the ordering in the front-end F2C article edit is by "title" and cannot be changed (except for core hacking which I have done parent::populateState('a.ordering', 'asc');) so when the user wants to alter the order it near impossible.

To utilize the full potential of the drag and drop front end article edit I believe it necessary to have the sort order able to accessed either through the menu item or better as a drop down on the front-end page (just like in the admin). The code is all there just needs to be added?

I hope this makes sense or I might be doing something wrong.

Thank you
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Hi Steve,

Please add version info. I have ordering in the front-end in the normal layout. In the menu parameters you can set whether or not to show ordering. I agree that it is tricky for users to have to click the little "ordering triangle" before they can order. I also like to see the ability to set a default ordering option in the menu parameters and have asked Julien for it. This means it's on our to do list ;)

Please add more info if you say that ordering in the normal layout is not possible since this should be is for me
always is...

PS I always set ordering to "order" (ie article manager order). This way the order in F2C coincides with the order in the blog.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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My apologies.

Joomla - 3.8.1
F2C - 6.16.0

My bad I see now that the small arrow at the top sorts the articles by order up or down in sync with the Joomla order. Without thinking too deeply I missed it.

Although further to the point of having more options, it would be optimal to have all the Joomla sort options available.

I apologize again for taking up your time.

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