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  1. Helen
  2. Form2Content feature requests
  3. Friday, 05 August 2016
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F2C 6.13.0

The latest Joomla 3.6.x has changed the way articles are ordered when they are created. It used to be that they would be first in the ordering, so sort by ordering ascending would give the newest articles at the top unless the ordering had been changed. Now they are added ordered last. I can see the logic of this, as it means it is much better performance.
Problem is that F2C is doing it the old way and ordering them first, so it is possible to end up with F2C articles ordered first and Joomla edited articles last in a category.
For any category shown by ordering with both types of articles then this makes a mess of what is displayed.
Do you have plans to update F2c to match Joomla or at least give an option of what ordering to use as default?
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Hello Helen,

I have to look into this. Our policy is that we try to follow Joomla as much as possible.
Their is a big change that we adapt F2C to follow the same ordering.

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