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  1. Poul Theodorsen
  2. F2C Front-end / menu settings
  3. Sunday, 15 October 2017
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I have created a new Content Type with a few fields and a template to show these fields in a new article.
I also created a new F2C Article Manager menu item for this.

I can open the new F2C Article Manager and it shows my articles (though currently there are none) as supposed, but for some reason there are no buttons like in my other F2C Article Manager.

This means that I have no button to create a new article (or to publish/unpublish/delete) even though these buttons are set to Show in the menu item.

Any idea what I am missing? I am on J3.8.1 and F2C 6.16.0
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Hi Poul,

Please check your Content Type permissions for the logged in user. The buttons will only show if you are allowed to create/edit/delete articles.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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This was exactly the problem.

:D :D :D
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