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  1. David
  2. Form2Content Lite & Pro
  3. Monday, 14 May 2018
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Joomla 3.8.7
Form2Content Pro version 6.17.2
System - Form2Content Metadata Injector 1.0.2

Since upgrading 3 different websites to F2C Pro 6.17.2 I get an error on all articles:
Call to private method Form2ContentModelFormBase::createFormDataObjects() from context 'plgSystemF2cMetadataInjector'

If I disable the Form2Content Metadata Injector plugin then the article appears correctly (minus the metadata of course). There is obviously an issue with the plugin, is there any way that I can fix this?
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Hello David,

I'm working on an update for F2C 6.17.x.

Making the createFormataObjects method was a mistake I found out.
In the next version, this method will be public again.

For the meantime, you can change this yourself:
(Back-up and) edit the file <website root>/components/com_form2content/models/formbase.php

Then find the method createFormDataObjects which should look like private function createFormDataObjects........
Change the word private into public then it should it work again.

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Hi, Yesterday I updated F2Content to 6.17.2 and I also broke my website. I made the suggested edit to the formbase class and now is ok. I'd like to know if there is a planned release to fix it structurally

Kind regards

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Hi Bruno,

Yes we are testing all extensions and will come with releases to patch the last issues. Currently we are on holiday so are providing only urgent support but will get things going when we get back.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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