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  2. F2C Front-end / menu settings
  3. Wednesday, 11 February 2015
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Form2Content Pro Version 4.9.0 - Joomla! 2.5.28

I'm trying to publish a front end submission form and I can't figure out what goes wrong.

Like in the documentation explained I created a category, a content type, copied a template and made some fields (just for trying). In the back end creating articles in the correct category works just fine - but publishing the submission form in the front end doesn't work.

I created a menu link for the F2C article manager and this worked.
But the menu link for the submission form - menu link type "Form Layout" (I'm from germany, so in my Joomla it's called "Einzelformular";) - also shows the F2C article manager.

I'm using this links:

index.php?option=com_form2content&view=forms&Itemid=1498 (F2C article manager)

index.php?option=com_form2content&view=forms&Itemid=1499 (should show the submission form but also shows the article manager)

What am I doing wrong ?

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I searched for a long time to find a solution and finally found the answer:

It was a permission conflict. It's not enough to set the permission in the menu link and the "content type" itself you need to equally set the permissions in the component options.

Then the link changes to:

[projectid is the ID of the content type]

Now the submission form shows up in the front end. *happy sigh*

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Thanks for sharing and letting us know you solved it!!

Joomla's ACL is nice but there is a hierarchy. In the end the page is created by the F2C component so that's why that's leading.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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