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  3. Thursday, 06 August 2020
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I have been using F2C for a long time now and have many content types and plugins. (Note I don't have a current subscription) I am preparing for migration to Joomla 4 and so far have a working site with most of the components I need - it has been a steep learning curve converting my extensions with little documentation available.

I am wondering when you expect the new version of F2C to be ready and would be happy to test a beta version for you. I would be your first customer for the new version :)
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Hi Rudolf,

We will be adding an official statement soon on the website that we will not be making a Joomla 4 version of Form2Content. There are several reasons for this (difficult) decision after more than 10 years of development.

The most important one is the combination of time versus (often) undocumented changes in Joomla. We have always had the philosophy to "stick to the core" but that has drained our energy too.

Joomla has developed a great deal and with the maturity of custom fields our niche in the market has become a lot smaller also.This and our lack of time for development and marketing means that we have to make a huge jump to catch up to the expectations of a quality Joomla extension. Time we sadly no longer have.

We will be releasing all our code so any other keen developer can continue the work or branche it in any way. Sorry to disappoint you but I hope you understand that sadly all nice things come to an end at some point.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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We would like to take over the development of F2C for Joomla 4. It depends if we can reach an agreement with Patrick and Julian - I have sent the request.
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