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  1. David Dutnall
  2. Form2Content Lite & Pro
  3. Monday, 12 February 2018
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Are there plans or any planning towards compatibility with Joomla 4 which I believe should hit in the summer? I can see from notes that this release finally gets rid off Mootools support which is great for me as I have unsolvable conflicts between Mootools and JQuery however is a big piece of work for you guys as F2C is reliant on the existing Joomla article structure which uses Mootools.


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Hi Julien,

Thanks for the response. Good to hear ;)


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Hi Dave,

Yes, I already took a look at the Joomla 4 alpha release.
We will eventually move to the J4 release, but as I see we have to rewrite the majority of the code, since J4 has changed it's MVC structure entirely.
And yes, we still use Mootools, because the Joomla Article Manager and Media manager uses Mootools itself.

I think the new J4 version will have a much more better softwaren architecture than the J3 versions, but it will be a hell of a job for us to adapt the F2C code.

I can't say if we will be compatible right away when J4 will reach its official status, but we will do our best!

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