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  1. Hrvoje
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  3. Tuesday, 08 March 2016
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I noticed that if Form2Content (F2C) item which contains image is deleted in frontend,
it doesn't also delete its image.
Is there any config option so that system would check if item contains image and delete its image and folder as well?
Atm only option is to go into item edit, delete image 1st and delete item after that.
This deletes image and thumbnail but it still leaves folder and subfolder named as item content type id and item id. I plan to use F2C for news system which will be frequently edited/deleted. If images will not be deleted, soon it will leave a clutter of folders and images in images directory.

Any suggestion?

Joomla 3.4.8
F2C Pro 6.13.0

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When you delete an article, the image remains on the server, because you can still undelete your article with the image.
When you empty the trash after deleting an article, the image will be deleted on the server.

Did you empty the trash?

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