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  1. kent morrison
  2. F2C Search filtered article lists
  3. Thursday, 03 March 2016
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All I really want is a way to sort and search the biographies by last name.
Other sorts would be useful, but that one is huge.

I know how to make effective templates that use photo gallery and so on...
But getting Form2Content Search to show the articles by last name, and letting the user search by last name has not worked at all for me.

As I say, I cannot justify nearly $100 renewal of both packages if I cannot get that to work.

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Hi Kent,

There are a couple of options to achieve this.
First, there's the precondition that last name is single line text field.

Then you can search in two ways:
1) The free text field. User have to type in part of the name and after entering a couple of characters F2C starts searching.
2) The text combo field: This field generates a drop down based on unique entries in a text field (the last name in this case)

Does that answer your question?

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