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  1. Paul Zero
  2. Form2Content Lite & Pro
  3. Tuesday, 09 October 2018
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F2C Pro 4.9.0
PHP 5.6
J 2.5.28


Have hit a problem with 'Multiline Text Editor' field validation. May have always been there, no sure. Using F2C pro - J2.5.28 on three sites w/PHP 5.3 & 5.6 & all have the same problem:

J. Config > Editor = NO WYSIWYG EDITOR = 'Editor - None'

Frontend : Go To Form via Menu > Type into 'Multi-line Text Area (Editor)' > Make paragraph 'Bold' using < strong > < / strong > 'tags' > 'Save' > 403 Error message.

Frontend : Go To Form via Menu > Type into 'Multi-line Text Area (Editor)' > Make paragraph 'Bold' using < b > < / b > 'tags' > 'Save' > Save OK.

Backend : F2C Article manager > Go To Form > Type into 'Multiline Text Area (Editor)' > Make paragraph 'Bold' using < strong > < / strong > 'tags' to text > 'Save' > Save OK.

Validation problem in F2C : Different validation Backend & Frontend. Urgent help needed to solve this problem as I need to turn WYSIWYG Editor (JCE) back on ASAP (PS : JCE 'On' makes no difference, problem occurs with or without JCE 'Editor' being active).

Cheers - Paulzero.
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Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear about the issue. The problem is that we have stopped developing F2C for J2.5 a long long time ago. We are actually working on F2C for Joomla! 4.

A question: Is it a required field? I'm not sure that it's F2C as with the editor field we load default Joomla and have no control over editors, incl the No Editor option. Might the <strong> tags be black listed for front-end?

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Hi Patrick !

Thanks for call back. Was 'required' field, changed to 'Not required' - same result.

If the problem appears to be 'Editor' related - getting the same frontend results using other components with 'Multi-line Textareas'. Within Joomla, any idea for where I should look for 'tag' whitelist / Blacklist' ?

Cheers - Paulzero.
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