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  3. Friday, 06 January 2017
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i'm now testing the F2C lite before buy the PRO version, but i have some problems about it.

I need that user can go inside a Menu Item and insert some information that i can choose before (i want to built a custom form) and after do that, user will receive a confirmation mail that inform him about the correct subscription, an another mail to the Administrator, for inform that a new user have make a subscription.

After the Administrator confirm, the content will be published in the Menu item page.

Can i do that? How can i test it?

Thanks in advance for help
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Yes, I think that's possible. I think you can do almost everything with the Lite version to test the functionality.
The Pro version can make the solution more user friendly by hiding front-end fields that the user does not need to see.

The moderated publishing can be accomplished by setting ACL permissions at Content Type Level.
For the users who fill out the form you need to deny Edit State and Edit State Own permissions.

To mail updates you can use our submit mailer plug-in (

This plug-in will send notifications to admins.
If you need notifications to other users as well (the user who filled out the form) then you can build your own F2C plugin (

F2C does not create menu-items by the way! It will only create articles in a certain category. You can show those with a category blog view or similar.

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