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  3. Thursday, 05 April 2018
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We were looking into using Form2Content for a project. Here are some questions we had and we were wondering if there was a way to have them work:

1) Multiple sets of tags for an item. Two separate fields that had access to different sets of tags. Having one tag field could possibly work if needed, but on the front end only one of them should be searchable (basically having a tag search that only checks one subset of tags). Due to the tags being a core Joomla thing this may not be something Form2Content needs to handle, but we thought we should ask regardless.

2) Multiple dates per item. The user needs the ability to just add as many 'dates' (with a calendar field) as needed for each item. Possibly we will need to search by these dates (within a given date range from the visitors).

3) Having multiple subsets of data. One 'section' of each item would need to be able to add one or more as needed, each with a small set of fields. Much like dates above, but with multiple fields per sub-item added.
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Hi and thanks for getting in touch.

Having read your questions I believe that Form2Content is not technical enough to accomplish your wishes. We have come from a relatively simple 1 on 1 relation between form data to Joomla article to more fancy features but our architecture isn't yet ready for things like sub-sets. We also stick to the core so we have the tag field but it's literally the Joomla one so there isn't the option to include it twice.
If your data sets our more fixed I thing F2C can be the tool. For now I think a more flexible system is needed.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Thank you for the response. Some of the above items have now been simplified. #3 in particular we decided wouldn't add any actual simplification to the end user so is now a single WYSIWYG field due to their needs. The tagging we expected won't easily be done so we will have to look at that, but again as mentioned it is outside Form2Content's scope (and most other comparable extensions would most likely have the same issues), so we will most likely have to figure out a better way to handle it no matter what solution we choose.

The date field (#2) we are still deciding on. We haven't found other solutions that easily do what we want either, especially with searching added on (users select a date range and it brings back any items that have a date within that range entered into them). In the development plan for F2C 6.17 you mention that you will be improving how custom fields are handled, is there anything that we can work against on that? Custom work would not be anything new for us, so if we could create a custom field (probably just an array of calendar dates) and the ability to search against it, then that is all we would need.
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Thanks for the update.

With these simplifications I believe there are possibilities.
1) Joomla tags can be added. Also Multi or sinlge select lists can be added or even database lookup field for values from tables. All of these can be linked to F2C Search (see extensive example here in theleft column

2) Date fields in the form input php format in the DB. In F2C Searcg these can be converted to ranges. So you can have a drop-down with months in F2C Search module while the input per article is a date. The results will be a list of articles in that month.

3) Solved.... But what might be interesting: We can make a kind of relational database between types of content. Think of "students in a class, and a teacher". Content type 1 is classes, 2 is teachers and 3 is students. You can use the DB select field to submit students to several classes etc. See documentation: (

Hope this helps.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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The date field is still a bit of an unknown. We would like the user to be able to enter in an arbitrary amount of dates (selected with date pickers), as a sort of array of dates for the item. However, visitors are to be able to search for a date range and expect these items to come back if any of those above dates exist inside that range. Not sure there is any good solution outside of a custom setup. We may have to see how important this functionality is as otherwise Form2Content works better than other options we have looked at for what we are planning on doing.

Is there any ETA yet for Form2Content 6.17?
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Actually we had an additional question regarding dates. Using the Form2Content Search extension, can we have it so that there is a date range the user can enter, and then it checks this date/date range against multiple Form2Content fields?
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