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  1. Mojmír Jaroš
  2. F2C XML import/export
  3. Friday, 30 August 2019
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hello, im having troubles to import article using /index.php?option=com_form2content&task=articleimportcron
When there is XML file in import directory i got joomla error page with message "0 - Call to a member function get() on null"

I believe its somehow connected with import file. (when there is no file in import directory, in log there is "no input file" message logged - so i believe settings are ok).

There is F2C 6.15.0 on both sites, and i imported content type+templates to site to which i am importing.

Thx for help
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Hello Mojmír,

I found a bug in the Image Gallery import that occurred when you have an image that is included in your XML.
I have sent you a fix for this and will include it in our next release.

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Hi Mojmír,

We are currently on version F2C Pro 6.17.4. Please update since much has changed in F2C and Joomla.

Also make sure you read these articles and check your log:

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Hello, i upgraded F2C to 6.17.4 and problem still persist :(
Regarding log - when i intentionally remove import folder, file in /administrator/logs is created (stating that import directory does not exist).
But when settings are correct no log file is created here.
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Hello Mojmír,

It's hard to tell from here what exactly the problem is.
Can you send me an Akeeba backup of the site you use for the import plus the XML import file.

I will install your site on my local machine and will try to find out what the problem is.

You can send it (through WeTransfer) to julien at opensourcedesign dot nl


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