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  1. Chamira
  2. F2C submission form templating
  3. Tuesday, 30 September 2014
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Joomla 3.3.4
Form2Content Pro version 6.5.0

I can create F2C Articles in the front-end without any problems. But each time I edit an existing F2C article through the front end, it creates a duplicate Joomla article.

In the F2C Article Manager both in the front and back end, only ONE copy of the article exists and it is updated correctly as per the edit.
In Joomla Article Manager there are many copies of the same article with the SAME ALIAS - which is remarkable because Joomla application does not allow that.

Of course when I display the category in the front end, a user sees many copies of the same article.

At first I thought this was something to do with the new version control in Joomla. I switched this off and I am also using the automated form to enter the data.

It was working OK before and recently Julien helped me to fix a image uploading issue - I wonder if that could have caused this new issue?
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hi Chamira,

I tested with your back-up and I see that you are running with a different database driver (plug-in System - FaLang Database Driver)

This database driver is behaving differently than the Joomla database driver. This is the cause of empty fields in the F2C tables.
The empty fields are causing the multiple generation of articles.

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Hi Chamira,

That's a strange issue?
Could you please send me an Akeeba backup of your site (julien at opensourcedesign dot nl)

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Thank you for your help - it does look like FaLang was causing the problem.

Un-installing stopped the problem. We are going to get in touch with the FaLang developers to see if there is a fix for this.
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I have exactly the same problem and I also used falang.

Have you had a return of Falang at this level or a solution to this problem.

Form2Content he has a solution for this problem ???

Thank you for your help.
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Hello Zzam,

This is definitely a FaLang issue - I am getting in touch with the developer about a fix for this. I will post back if I find a solution.

This problem is due to EMPTY fields in the F2C Articles. If you can have all your fields as mandatory/required then you will not get this problem as the F2C Article will not be created with empty fields.
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Hello Chamira,

Thank you for responding quickly.

I try to find a temporary solution until you post the solution.

Have a nice day.
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I have a question how did you guys have managed to get working Form2Contnetn with FaLang extension?
I want to install FaLang on my site and i see some issues that can pop up.
1. I have to create FaLang "Content elements" plugin for F2C, but it should be OK.
2. How do i force F2C (or FaLang) to generate translated article for each translated language?, Because this will translate only F2C fields, but we need to generate translated Article into FaLang translation table of Joomla Articles. Right??
Thx for any reply
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