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  1. Vince Z
  2. Form2Content Lite & Pro
  3. Wednesday, 12 September 2018
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Dear development team - I would like to make a few customizations and I was wondering how much you would charge for the following:

1) Require location of all submissions:
This is similar to the poster location, but instead, I would like to require a user to add the location of the event or place he or she is listing. This is for the purpose of selecting posts by map indicator.

2) Time range or permanence of submission:
I would also like to require the user to select their submission is either a permanent location (ie: like a restaurant or theater) or a temporary event that exists only during a specific day or time range (ie: a three-day carnival, a soccer game, etc.)

3) Map interface: I would like the map interface to serve as the primary search function for the user. That being said, the user can filter the following map indicator results with the following toggles:

  • a. date selector:
He or she can select a day or date range to view events occurring only within the day or date range they selected

  • b. Toggle by event or permanent location - This is a visual display of the point mentioned above in section 2. The user can filter the results displayed on the map by either temporary events, permanent locations or both

4) User interaction:
If the user selects a map indicator, a small pop-up containing an abstract would appear, but clicking 'more info' would lead to a content detail below the map like a full article. I think doing this via javascript or ajax, perhaps within an accordion, would be much faster than taking the user to a new url to view the article...meaning javascript would display faster than a full pageload.

Could you tell me if you could do this customization or if you could refer me to someone who can?

Best regards,

Vince Z
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Hi Vince,

Based on your specifications I believe that F2C might not be the best component to do the job. But it does greatly depend on your own programming skills. We don't have map features, only a KML feed creation. You could use F2C for gathering the data but base some interaction parts on your own code. I'm not a programmer personally so can't help you there and I know our programmer (who also has a full time job) doesn't have time, sorry.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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