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  1. Hernan Gonzalo Cosentino
  2. F2C article templating
  3. Thursday, 19 December 2019
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In my first publication I had not put the version of Form2Content that I use for that reason again to ask as I read the conditions and that was necessary to get help.

I use Form2Content Pro 6.17.4
Joomla! 3.9.12 Stable [ Amani ]

Why if in the f2c_fieldcontent table the values change, those changes are not reflected in the articles created by from2content?
I was researching how to force cache deletion in Smarty Php but I can't make it work.
The articles do not show the changes of values that are made in the database.
I already tried changing Refresh chunk size from 10 to 1 but it didn't work.
Even using CTRL + F5 in the browser you don't see the changes in the articles.
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Hi Herman,

Could you be a bit more specific. What is your setup? You have a F2C Form with your fields and have created your F2C templates? Also be precise on exactly which values please.

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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  2. F2C article templating
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Hi Patrick, thanks popr your answer.
Please have a look at the attached jpg
The problem is that in the code of my system I am changing the values ​​directly in the database, specifically in the f2c_fieldcontent table through SQL queries and that works fine.
But those value changes in the f2c_fieldcontent table are not shown in the article created from Form2Content is shown in both the backend and the frontend.
I tried to clear the Smarty cache by putting the following code in the template:
<? php
$ smarty-> clearAllCache ();
and I also tried to clean only the template chache:
<? php
$ smarty-> clear_cache ('template_article1.tpl');
But it does not work :(
And I also tried changing the value of public $ cache_lifetime in

public $ cache_lifetime = 0;
public $ cache_lifetime = 1;
but it didn't work for me either

I need that every time the browser has to display an article, the values ​​of the fields are always obtained directly from the f2c_fieldcontent table
and that cache is not used, simply that they are obtained from an SQL query to the database.
This is very important for my system.

Any help to achieve my goal?
Could you please guide me?
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