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  1. Elisabeth
  2. Form2Content Lite & Pro
  3. Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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I hope you will not miss this little thing which can be annoying. It concerns the article info block, this constantly defaults back to above the article. It doesnt matter where you set it, default, below etc. Is there any way to fix it. Now it isn't changing positions unless you manually set it in each article and save it. However it should follow the default criteria set in Joomla. Don't know how easy this is to fix but would be helpful. I have tried to change it in attributes through a replace in the database, both in form content and joomla content however that didnt change what is displayed on the page.
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Hi Elisabeth,

You can set a default value for it via the JAM options.
At the moment we don't sync it with Form2Content. This is one of those changes in Joomla that has simply gone unnoticed. We will add it to our next version (together with the browserpagetitle which is hidden under the parameters).

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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Yep, did that. It's on default below. However that isn't going to help because F2C restores it back to 'above' Kind of an odd behavior, no? I literally have to go into each aticle in F2C and set it to below if I want it to stay below.
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