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  1. Renee
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  3. Tuesday, 21 July 2020
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I client of mine has a website where you can search houses to rent. They use Form2Content for setting up the adds for the houses. They use a gallery with images but they also want the option to add video. I know it is possible to add Youtube links to video's. But is it also possible to upload a video to Joomla and make a field in Form2Content to be able to add the video?

Renee de Kruijf
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Hello Renee,

When the video is already stored on the Joomla site you can accomplish this, but not in a "ready" way, like with a field that picks the video.

When the user knows the name of the video file, and let's say they're all stored in the same location, then you can create a function in your template that renders this video, based on a simple F2C text field that contains the name of the video file.

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Hi Julien,

It works! Thanks.

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