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  1. Garry
  2. F2C article templating
  3. Thursday, 29 October 2020
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I just noticed that on a website whose hosting I just moved, all the URLs of images contain the complete, absolute URL instead of just a relative, e.g.:

<img src=""

instead of just

<img src="/images/stories/com_form2content/..."

This of course causes warnings as the site is running with HTTPS ...

As those URLs are already present in the database for the generated articles, it must be something that happens when f2c creates the articles from the input with the templates.

I've tried to find where the absolute URL path comes from, but wasn't able to ... the f2c templates do not have those paths in them, nor can I find them anywhere in the config menus - I might not be looking at the right place, though ...

Any hints where I should be looking to fix this? Thanks!!!
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