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Show archived articles

I want to show the archived articles ordered by date (a f2c field). Is this possible? You do not seem to be able to choose the state of the articles when creating a search form or filtered list. Thanks Rob Joomla 3.4.3 F2C 6.11.0 F2C searc...
Hello, I cannot find any way to display the "Finish publishing" date on the frontend creation. How can I include it ? Of course I could go to the article and change it afterwards but my client would like to input this date when he creat...
Hello F2C, When a user submits an article on 31st December (any year), the article's created date shows up as 1st January the following year. To give an example: An article was submitted on 31-12-2012, but shows up as 01-01-2013. I'm using J...
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