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  1. Helena Day
  2. F2C Content type settings
  3. Monday, September 19 2016, 01:42 PM
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After Updating to Form2Content Pro 6.14, the settings for the category behaviour - User can select a category bellow the defaul category - doens't work. The user can select any category. The default category is of course set.

What am I missing or ist that a problem with the new version?

Thanks in Advance for your replay.

Kind Regards
Accepted Answer
Julien Accepted Answer
Hi Helena,

I found out that some files of a previous installation were left behind on your system.
I have updated the installer to explicitly remove those files on an update.

These are the files:
<your site>/administrator/components/com_form2content/models/fields/f2ccategory.php
<your site>/administrator/components/com_form2content/models/fields/f2ctemplate.php

After removing them, the category selection works as expected.

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Julien Accepted Answer
Hello Helena,

I tried this myself (upgrade from 6.13 to 6.14) but I could not reproduce the problem.
Can I see it on your site myself please?

You can send admin credentials to julien at opensourcedesign dot nl


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  2. F2C Content type settings
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Helena Day Accepted Answer
Hi Julien

I just sent the credentials to your Email.


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  2. F2C Content type settings
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