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  1. mario
  2. F2C Pre-installation questions
  3. Wednesday, 24 August 2016
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i've joomla 2.5.8

i would like to automatically create articles from an XML file through import.

the file is like this:

<pre class="line-numbers"><code class="language-markup">&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?&gt;

&lt;tribut age="Ag.Entrate Roma di Latina" avv="Tema srl" datdec="20070514" numdec="00108" pre="Rapanà" rel="Carnevale" szdec="40" tipoprov="S"&gt;
&lt;sez&gt; 1
&lt;tit&gt; title
&lt;tes&gt; text1

&lt;sez&gt; 2
&lt;tit&gt; title1
&lt;tes&gt; text2

&lt;sez&gt; 3
&lt;tit&gt; title2
&lt;tes&gt; text3


i've tried with the extension "Article Import for F2C" from easyjoomla and form2content lite, but i have the error "file type invalid", i see this thread:

but i see that in the PRO version there's the possibility to import XML files directly into form2content, it's right?

or if not, could you please give me some suggestions to find a solution for this XML import?

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Sorry for the very late reply. The post slipped my attention.

Yes it's possible BUT

1) There is a specific XML format
2) I would strongly suggest to move on to J3 since we don't actively develop J2.5

Please read the F2C documentation before asking questions! Thank you if you've done so ;)
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