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  1. George Petromanolakis
  2. Form2Content Lite & Pro
  3. Saturday, 07 October 2017
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I m working on a multilingual site. I have read how Joomla multilanguage works. What I will do is create one form and each time the user creates an article he will chose the language from the dropdown of the article.

I read on your documentation that you do not suggest that and you suggest that there has to be created several F2C Content Types. Can you please explain why? Why my approach is wrong?

Thank you
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Hi George,

Your option is possible but you will have to add some language logic in your templates for the parts that are already set. Let's say you have an image gallery and place a header in your template. This header will need to be translated too.

The thing I don't suggest is to have all the translation in one form and using a plugin to show different parts of the article depending on the language. That is not a good solution.

Hope this makes sense.

Regards, Patrick
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