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  1. Hans de Jong
  2. F2C Search front-end
  3. Thursday, August 03 2017, 09:22 AM
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I defined a multi select list display list searching in a single select list. When one item of the list is chosen in the frontend, the display list closes so no further listitems can be chosen.

Joomla 3.7.4 - F2C 6.16.0 - Fwc Search 6.7.0

The fields in the search box are named Hair color and Color of the eyes.
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Hans de Jong Accepted Answer
The same problem with a multi select list from a database lookup (Country and US State)
Julien Accepted Answer
Hi Hans,

I think this happens, because the field is shown as a drop down list, you can then select one item only.
If you need to select multiple items, you can set it to Multiselect list for example. This is the Display Mode setting of the field.

Hans de Jong Accepted Answer
The Display Mode was and is set as Multiselect list, but it shows as a Singleselect list in al 4 fields
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Julien Accepted Answer
Hi Hans,

That is strange indeed.......

Can you send me an Akeeba back-up of your site to julien at opensourcedesign dot nl ?
I will see what the problem is.

Hans de Jong Accepted Answer
Well I don't have Akeeba installed, as I use the cPanel backup service from my hosting provider. I can send you a home directory and database backup.

Of course I can install Akeeba, if that's easier for you.

Do you need an administrator or superuser account?

Or I can make you administrator on my operational website.
Julien Accepted Answer
Hello Hans,

For a start you can send me the cPanel backup (files and database). I think that will do.

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