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  1. Bierwirth
  2. Form2Content KML Feeds extension
  3. Wednesday, 24 July 2013
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I want to add a list of placemark icon definitions with STYLE tags in the header of the kml feed (code example see attached text-file)
<Style id="icon1"> <Style id=\"icon1\">

Unfortunately the double quotes (also single quotes) in the header data field are automatically replaced (escaped) with \" when I save the it in the KML Feeds Manager.
Any suggestions, how to avoid, or in which file to change the automatic replacements?
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This sound to me like a problem with the deprecated Magic Quotes in PHP. (
Can you turn them off in the php.ini, restart Apache and check if this helps?

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Thats it! Thanks a lot - the testserver runs php 5.2 and magic quotes gpc is turned on. In php version 5.4 it is removed as you wrote.
Best regards, Ed
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